West Coast Self-Storage Sheridan Beach - Elevator available (2023)

Melinda L Redmond Oct 23, 2021

Exactly what you expect out of a storage What you image with NO HIDDEN FEES

The place was clean and well lit. Convienant and easy to find. I want to say his name is Aiden but I know it's not, I'm getting old and I forget names but he was so polite and mannerable with great customer service and listening skills. He had such patience when it came down to my insurance, oh did we have a time with THAT! You don't find that too much these days everybody is in such a rush to blow you off. He was Great Thank You young man.

Recommended: Yes

Bea Wo Oct 03, 2021

Very helpful, Eamon was willing to stay after office hours when I was late

Long access hours is so important for customers to come only after work, with secured clean buildings. Some others close at 9 pm , but at open space, after dark (7 pm) cannot stay long)

Recommended: Yes

Denae Webster Mar 27, 2021

Great Service!!!

I rented a uHaul last Saturday and needed a truck again for this weekend. I didn’t hesitate... I called Scott and Tristan and they had me set up for my uHaul in no time. Their kindness and great customer service I will never forget! Because of them, my moving days went so smooth. Thank you so much guys!!! 🤩

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Francis Jan 20, 2020

I was surprised the front security gate wouldnt be repaired or another wk..

The staff provided Great customer service and were professional and courteous. Despite they couldn't locate my online reservation and after I provided my copies. Finally, my reservation was identified. I began to think I was at the wrong facility.

Recommended: Yes

Hannah Jan 15, 2020

Clean facility, great service

Had a great experience moving my things here. The site manager was extremely helpful, and the facility itself is clean and easy to move into (carts, good elevators, etc.). Thanks, all!

Recommended: Yes

Emily Jan 11, 2020

Everything went smooth and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Ive had to change storages two times this month and west coast has been the most helpful and best price so far. The facility is well maintained and I'm happy with my decision

Recommended: Yes

Samantha Aug 21, 2019

Easy to work with and super friendly

I went in to do my move in paperwork and the manager working was amazing to deal with and very accommodating. Price for the enit was the best I found in the area plus got a month free. Would definitely recommend.

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Sang Jul 31, 2019

Best price vest best quality

This was the best price for best quality for sure.

Recommended: Yes

Diana Jul 28, 2019

All is good

All has started off good. Easy.

Recommended: Yes

Steve H Jul 09, 2019

GREAT experience, location, facility, and staff !!!

GREAT experience, location, facility, and staff !!! We watched this space get developed over the past few years, and were anxious for the storage facility to open. Finally, our family had a major move and downsize event, and needed storage, and so we tried it out with a large unit. EXCELLENT service, great, friendly staff who made it all seamless and easy even during a hectic moving day. Will definitely recommend! Ask for Collin - he was terrific !

Recommended: Yes

Carol Jun 18, 2019

Very clean facility and courteous help

Collin was very personable and helpful. There was one glitch with elevator access but he resolved it quickly and professionally. The facility is new and it was squeaky clean.

Recommended: Yes

Charli Sep 18, 2018

Convenient place to store stuff

This is a conveniently located storage facility that seems to have excellent security. There is plenty of space to park a truck or van while unloading, there are carts for moving stuff, and there are elevators to take you up to the higher levels. You cannot store food in this facility, which is a good thing as it prevents pests. The facility seemed clean. Compared to places that were more central in Seattle, this place seemed to be cheaper.

Recommended: Yes

Katie Murray Aug 26, 2018

Great Experience!

The woman working at the front desk is amazing. She's quick, friendly and extremely helpful. The location is ideal. The facility is clean and great. They have equipment to roll boxes up which was extremely helpful. I've enjoyed the experience. Thanks a bunch!

Recommended: Yes

Anup Bhatt Jul 30, 2018

Safe and Secured electronically, fast, clean and easy to move in.

Safe and Secured electronically, fast, clean and easy to move in.

Recommended: Yes

Carla Jun 03, 2018

Excellent facility with great security

Great staff and very clean. The facility has great security.

Recommended: Yes

David May 06, 2018

Great, secure and clean facility for a great price

The unit was as advertised and the facility is brand new. The staff was great taking the time to give me a tour of the facility and unit. Then they quickly processed the paper work and explained all the pertinent details and answerd all my questions. Great storage place and experience.

Recommended: Yes

Neil Dec 28, 2017

Clean, new, secure, friendly... what's not to like?

Pretty new facility, and noticeably cheaper than similar places just a mile or two away, because this place is just barely outside the Seattle city limits. Works for me!

Recommended: Yes

Heather Nov 28, 2017

Such a great find on Moving Day!

We had to move to a 500 sq ft smaller place and wanted to store some items. I did a quick internet search and found West Coast Self Storage. It was a great price and nearby our new place. When we saw the facility and finushed the paperwork in a flash, we moved everything in that same day and were done in about an hour. It is a great clean location and convenient with elevators to our floor. Such a great find!

Recommended: Yes

Hayley Sep 20, 2017

Great secure facility - easy to use

This was a very secure facility with state of the art technology for getting in and out and up to your unit. They supply everything you need and there is a store on the premises with boxes etc. if you need anything more.

Recommended: Yes

Zach Sep 04, 2017

nice friendly manager.

Everything was clean and simple

Recommended: Yes

Abdu Sep 03, 2017

The place look safer and cleaner

Having the camera all over it makes the place much better of course safe

Recommended: Yes

Jason Sep 01, 2017

Easy check-in, friendly management

New clean facility, knowledgeable management, easy parking near elevators, easy access to unit with provided carts

Recommended: Yes

Erin Aug 26, 2017

Great new storage facility - excellent condition and dedicated management

Excellent new affordable storage facility in the greater Seattle region. Very professional and dedicated manager. Great place!

Recommended: Yes

Anthony Aug 22, 2017

So far very very good

Everything has been great so far, great introductory rate, facility works and is clean, the manager Jay is top notch

Recommended: Yes

Dylan Aug 19, 2017

Easy and convenient

Check in was friendly, professional and fast ,facility was super clean. It was great to have carts to help with the move

Recommended: Yes

jamie Jul 23, 2017

Best experience EVER!

Jay is the friendliest, most helpful employee I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Our move was one crazy event after another and his flexibility was so appreciated. Will definitely recommend.

Recommended: Yes

Stephen Jul 14, 2017

Very clean

It was very clean and nice. The staff was also very friendly.

Recommended: Yes


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